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Not only the levels you posted, they made this shit up as they went along. It had been hard to keep up with. We experienced a brand new Civilization Builder who every time went up a numerous of what seemed to be $one hundred,000 they made up some new bullshit.

Specifically Richard- LRH’s two most beneficial targets were being obtaining folks audited to Clear and OT and acquire men and women properly trained in significant quantities to have the ability to audit Other individuals to those states

#Scientology will develop, continue on to help 1000's around the globe in #GoingClear & will never drop their tax exempt position from the USA.

" She was then advised she can be Cruise' girlfriend, but the relationship quickly ended. Boniadi apparently signed a non-disclosure settlement with the Church and has considering the fact that turn into a nicely-acknowledged actress in "Homeland," "Iron Male," between other films and displays.

Scientology is just not a dogmatic religion where a person is questioned to just accept something on faith alone. On the contrary, 1 discovers for oneself that the concepts of Scientology are true by making use of its concepts and observing or going through the outcome.

will depend on your definition of crazy--It's a money earning buisness-people today surrender all their funds (apart from the elete they can pay decided costs-for some actors in to the hundreds of thousands-to hunt a mind 'clear' leaving their soul bare--It is just a deceptive, cult that rejects the salvation of Jesus =repent of sin and become born all over again" John chaprter 3 -nonetheless statements to just accept all religions- Jew4Messiah · 1 10 years ago 0

Within Scientology, the Xenu story is generally known as "The Wall of Fireplace" or "Incident II".[seven][eight] Hubbard connected tremendous worth to it, declaring that it constituted scientology beliefs childbirth "the secrets of the disaster which resulted in the decay of life as we understand it in this sector on the galaxy".

Xenu scientology beliefs yahoo was about to become deposed from electric power, so he devised a plot to eliminate the surplus populace from his dominions. With the aid of psychiatrists, he gathered billions[four][5] of his citizens beneath the pretense of income tax inspections, then paralyzed them and froze them in a mix of alcohol and glycol to capture their souls. The kidnapped populace was loaded into spacecraft for transportation to the positioning of extermination, the planet of Teegeeack (Earth).

L. Ron Hubbard didn’t care about how amazing properties had been. He cared if the org was which makes it, he didn’t like personal debt, he didn’t like fundraising. For all his faults, he believed Scientology need to sink or swim on its own merits.

Within the Church of Scientology, the Xenu Tale is an element in the church's key "Advanced Technological know-how",[7] deemed a sacred and esoteric instructing,[11] that's Commonly only revealed to members who have completed a prolonged sequence of programs costing huge amounts of money.[12] The church avoids mention of Xenu in general public statements and it has gone to considerable energy to maintain the Tale's confidentiality, like legal action on the grounds of copyright and trade secrecy.

The costs from the Church of Scientology were dropped after the condition’s medical examiner adjusted the cause of death from “undetermined” to an “accident” on June thirteen, 2000. [supply]

Hubbard established Ethics, or punishments for his auditors who made errors during periods. They had been then pushed overboard on his ships in the h2o, which was "30 toes, 35 toes" underneath, according to Hana Whitfield, one of many original Sea Org members.

That s unquestionably a thing you'd probably be Mind-washed into believing was usual. I really feel sorry scientology beliefs drugs for that people who find themselves trapped Within this nightmare strategy for life. Ideally the HBO Distinctive got by means of to some of the people who are scared to have out. Fantastic luck to those who make he correct determination. Sharon · 2 a long time ago two

In keeping with Remini, Miscavige was nowhere to be observed, and fellow guests with the wedding ceremony wouldn't say where by she was.

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